Watch: IDF Nabs Hamas Terrorists in Shechem

IDF releases video of nighttime raid by Golani troops netting 29 Hamas terrorists who were planning imminent attacks.

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Raid in Shechem
Raid in Shechem
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The IDF on Wednesday published a video documenting its nighttime raid in Shechem (Nablus) in Samaria the night before, in which 29 Hamas terrorists suspected of planning attacks against Israel were arrested.

The 12th Division of the Golani Brigade took charge of the operation, and among those picked up were senior leaders in the terrorist organization as well as former security prisoners who were released.

It is suspected that the arrested terrorists were planning to conduct attacks funded and directed by the Hamas leadership abroad.

The security establishment emphasized that in recent months there has been a strengthening of Hamas's presence in the Shechem region.

The arrested terrorists were brought in for investigation by the Israel Security Agency (ISA). Last night's raid follows a raid Monday night in which the IDF likewise conducted various arrests in Judea and Samaria, and brought in 17 suspects for interrogation.