Swastika Graffitied on Monument in Omer

Swastika and anti-Semitic slurs in Arabic scrawled on monument for fallen IDF soldiers of southern town of Omer over the weekend.

Cynthia Blank ,

Flash 90

Vandalizing graves and monuments with swastikas is a popular anti-Semitic attack method, particularly in Europe, but the phenomenon has found its way into Israel as well.

Over Passover weekend, vandals graffitied a swastika and hateful slurs on a monument for fallen members of southern town Omer, who died fighting for Israel. The monument is located in the Omer Industrial Park. 

A complaint of vandalism has been filed with the Israel Police, who launched an investigation, Yedioth Ahronoth reported. 

The head of Omer's Regional Council, Pini Badash, condemned the incident, noting that "in the past two weeks there were arsons in the area. We were wondering who was setting the vegetation on fire here. When I see this graffiti, with Arabic writing and swastikas, it's indicative of who is responsible." 

"There is not much forgiveness. We need to find the perpetrators. Having no choice, we'll install cameras in the area," Badash added. 

In addition to this act of vandalism, as well as recent arsons in the area, lighting cables have also been stolen. Badash argued it was clear Bedouin gangs roaming in the South were behind the criminal incidents. 

"I have nothing against Bedouins. But my suffering and the community's suffering is caused by a certain type of population. We cannot go on like this in the country." 

"The police are engaged in small things," Badash argued, "thousands of hours of investigation into relatively small things, but unfortunately the daily personal safety is not invested in enough." 

"I hope the police catch who did this. If I catch them - I don't envy them," the council head warned.