Investigation into Shas Voting Fraud Takes Off

After witnesses claimed Shas paid them for votes, the Attorney General and Israel Police have been approached to start an investigation.

Tova Dvorin ,

Ballots for 2015 elections
Ballots for 2015 elections
Isaac Harari/Flash 90

The wheels are turning to investigate claims of widespread voter fraud Wednesday, after a report revealed that Shas may have paid voters for their votes. 

Less than 48 hours after the initial report aired, the Movement for Quality Government has turned to Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein and Israel Police Commissioner Yohanan Danino and demanded an investigation into the findings of the report, according to Walla! News

Eli Yishai's Yachad-Ha'am Itanu party, which was arguably the most likely to have been hurt by voter fraud, stated to the press that the latest allegations are "the tip of the iceberg." 

"We are aware of the existence of an organized staff, designed to damage the integrity of elections [. . .] and the evidence uncovered in Walla! proved it," a Yachad representative stated Wednesday morning. "When the full image will be announced, everyone will understand that there is a much more serious case to be made here." 

Three separate voters in two different cities - one in central Israel, one in the North - told Walla! News Monday that they were offered money to vote Shas; in at least one case, they were offered the bribe just outside the polling station.

In addition, a contractor tasked with paying voters for their allegiance revealed to the agency on condition of anonymity that he paid as many as 20-30 people on the party's behalf. 

Shas denied involvement with voter fraud. 

"This is part of a campaign of slander against Shas," the party claimed. "These things are diametrically opposed to the ideology of the movement, and we are confident that these are inventions and fictions." 

At least one arrest was made on elections day last month, when Shas activists apparently stole the Yachad-Ha'am Itanu ballots from more than one polling station. 

Yachad has claimed repeatedly that their narrow elections loss was due to a multi-faceted campaign against them by Shas, which involved underhanded and even illegal tactics.