Zionist Contest Draws Contestants from Israel, US

Quiz competition holds district semifinals in Israel; one family is arriving from Miami, Florida.

Orly Harari ,

Iskiv family, Oranity - semifinalists
Iskiv family, Oranity - semifinalists

Israel has held the district semifinals for its annual Zionist Quiz this week - with semifinalists being chosen in the Sharon area, the Coastal region, the Center, Haifa, Jerusalem, the Negev, the Galilee, and Judea-Samaria. 

The contest is an initiative of the World Zionist Organization (WZO) and the Zionist Council in Israel, with the final competition being held by Eli Yatzpan at the Jerusalem Theater - and to be broadcast live over the weekend of Israel's 67th Independence Day in May. This is the second annual competition. 

Entire families compete, after passing initial qualification rounds administered via internet sites and smartphones. Families who have accumulated the most points by locale were then selected to participate in district competitions - and the best of each made a national finalist list. Other families are being added after a special selection process. 

In total, 10 families will compete on national television for the title of "Israel's Zionist family," by completing various challenging tasks and answering quiz questions on Zionism.

During the finals, will compete for the title of the families' Israel's Zionist family, through a variety of challenging tasks and interactive quizzes related to the subject of Zionism.

Finalists include so far:

  • the Meor-Meitav family, from Or Akiva;
  • the Abu Aziz family (Center/Coastal region representative);
  • the Siso family, from Tirat HaCarmel (Haifa area representatives);
  • the Iskiv family, from Oranit (Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria);
  • the Sharvit family, from Dimona (Negev);
  • and the Galari family, from Miami, Florida.

WZO's head of Operations in Israel, Yaakov Hagoel, stated that the contest is "establishing a tradition."

"The WZO attaches great importance to the continued strengthening of heritage and Zionism in Israel and in this spirit we host the competition," he continued.

Zionist Council in Israel CEO, Yigal Brand, said that Israel Zionist Council meets throughout the year to hold a variety of activities, lectures, tours and excursions focused on the Jewish heritage of the people of Israel.

"This year, we decided to hold for a second time, in light of the success of last year, the Zionist Family Competition," he said. "The contest celebrates figures, events and wars in the Jewish people's past and present."