Otzma Yehudit Takes Voter Fraud Petition Online

'Hostile sources' temporarily crash site launched to see how many votes for Yachad joint list were wrongly disqualified.

Ari Yashar ,

Michael Ben-Ari, Baruch Marzel
Michael Ben-Ari, Baruch Marzel
Mendy Hechtman/Flash 90

Otzma Yehudit, which ran on a joint list with Yachad - Ha'am Itanu, is taking its petition claiming foul play in the vote Tuesday online, gathering details of those who voted for the party so as to cross-check and see how many votes were wrongly invalidated due to tampering.

The joint list reached 125,106 votes in the final count, falling a mere 5,000 or so short of the 130,000 needed to pass the recently raised 3.25% threshold percentage.

However, nearly 43,000 total votes were invalidated, and Yachad and Otzma Yehudit say a good portion of them are theirs, accusing Shas activists of having tampered with their voting slips to have the votes later disqualified - two Shas activists were even arrested on elections day for stealing Yachad slips.

Otzma Yehudit has launched a website (in Hebrew) that can be accessed here to locate their voters as part of the petition effort, but reported on Facebook Friday that the site had been briefly compromised.

"The Otzma Yehudit site has returned to action after it was brought down by hostile sources who are concerned by the investigation team that we established," wrote the party. "They are sparing no means to prevent you from filling out voting details."

A full 25,000 voters had already filled in details on the site as of roughly 1 p.m. Friday according to the party, which noted it is continuing its efforts to locate voters.

"We will not surrender to any type of bullying, and in response we will increase efforts to reach the maximum voters, also those who have no internet we will fill out the form for them, and those who already filled out the form should fill it out" again to ensure all votes are recorded and none were lost, added the party.

By creating a complete list of those who voted for the party, Otzma Yehudit hopes to see which of those had their votes invalidated, and thereby challenge the invalidation given reports of Shas activists making marks and other forms of tampering to disqualify slips of the party on elections day.