Kahlon Calls for Unity After Elections

After exit polls gave him 9 to 10 seats, Kulanu leader calls for unity in order to help the weaker sectors.

Ben Ariel ,

Moshe Kahlon addresses supporters
Moshe Kahlon addresses supporters
Flash 90

Moshe Kahlon, head of the Kulanu party, on Tuesday night called for unity among Israelis following the elections.

Kahlon appears to be headed towards having 10 seats in the Knesset, meaning that he could have an important influence on the make-up of the coalition.

Speaking at Kulanu headquarters, Kahlon told his supporters, “This evening is a very good evening, an evening of hope. This is an historic election - an election that dealt with everyday problems. They tried to get us off the path, talking about Washington and Iran and Syria and ISIS - all important issues but our life here is just as important.”

“The likelihood that our children will be able to have an apartment and a normal work place is no less important. The opportunity to give our parents a chance to live, grow old with dignity without insulting benefits. This was the first socially-oriented election campaign since 1977 and it's thanks to Kulanu - we didn’t permit for the social issues to be taken off the agenda. In places where there was despair we talked about hope. In places where life is unbearable we offered practical solutions,” he added.

“Unfortunately this campaign reached proportions that we do not remember,” continued Kahlon. “Schisms and severe clashes. It's time to heal and unite. I forgive all the smears. We want to find the common denominator that binds us together. It is time for reconciliation among us.”

“The State of Israel is in a deep social crisis that creates a tremendous opportunity for us all. The journey is not over - in fact it is just beginning. It begins tonight. The people of Israel expect us to stop talking - they are waiting for us to get to work and show results. As of this moment Kulanu is starting to work for the middle class and the Israeli public and the weaker sectors and young couples. They told me not to be a party for the poor - but we are their hope. These poor will receive the best treatment they have received since the establishment of the state,” said Kahlon.