Rabbi Druckman to Voters: Choose Jewish Home

Bnei Akiva rabbi and leader notes that a vote for Jewish Home also ensures a Netanyahu government - but without compromising on values.

Shimon Cohen and Tova Dvorin ,

Rabbi Haim Druckman (file)
Rabbi Haim Druckman (file)

Rabbi Haim Druckman, head of the Bnei Akiva yeshivas and a leading religious-Zionist figure, feels optimism in the air following Sunday's huge rally in Tel Aviv's Rabin Square for the right-wing.

"It was thrilling to see the crowds that turned out in support," he stated to Arutz Sheva Monday. 

Rabbi Druckman also addressed the dilemma many voters face: to vote for Likud - following Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's claims that only a strong Likud can ensure a right-wing government - or to vote for other parties with whom they have a closer ideological affinity, such as Jewish Home. 

"This is a real dilemma, but we must not get confused," he said. "Voting for Jewish Home is [also] voting for Mr. Netanyahu as prime minister, and it ensures the stance of the government on issues regarding the Land of Israel." 

"This is the Land of Israel and the Torah of Israel, and the dear nation of Israel must see this matter through to the end," he continued. "We must also ensure that the Land of Israel sees a bigger and stronger Jewish Home party." 

"Make no mistake: there is only one Religious Zionist list - Jewish Home," he added. "Jewish Home will take care of our educational institutions, Jewish identity and the integrity of the State of Israel."

With regard to the government formation, he noted, "there is no difference," as "a vote for Jewish Home is a vote for Netanyahu." 

Rabbi Druckman had confidence that President Reuven Rivlin would choose Netanyahu to form the government, regardless of which party garners the most votes. 

"This is the usual, there is no need for the President to choose the largest party to form the coalition, but the party with the biggest chances [of doing so]," he said. "In this respect, there is no difference either, because Jewish Home will recommend that Rivlin chooses Netanyahu." 

Rabbi Druckman was also asked if he saw a change in mindset among some Religious Zionist rabbis, as criticism for Jewish Home has escalated since the last election and some rabbis have even preferred other parties. He noted that, while there is a change, the matter is one of perspective - focusing on the negative or the positive potential for the party. 

"Everyone is in favor of the Jewish Home party; there is no doubt about it," he added. "This was the position of Rabbi Zvi Yehuda [Kook], our teacher of blessed memory."

Jewish Home has made "great progress," he noted, adding that the "general perception is such that it is a list that sees the State of Israel as the beginning of our redemption, which identifies with the integral values of the Torah of Israel, the Land of Israel, and the people of Israel."