Watch: Hanin Zoabi's Nephew Endorses Bibi at Rally

Arab Zionist who has received death threats gives forceful support speech at Likud rally, Netanyahu promises 'you will be a Likud MK.'

Ari Yashar ,

Mohammed Zoabi
Mohammed Zoabi
David Haivri

Mohammed Zoabi, the fearless Zionist Arab youth from Nazareth who received death threats and had to go underground after criticizing his radical pro-Hamas aunt MK Hanin Zoabi, gave an impassioned speech of support for Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu at a Likud rally this week.

In a video clip posted to Netanyahu's Facebook page earlier this week, the young Zoabi is seen at the podium declaring forcefully "I'm a proud Israeli Arab Zionist."

"I came to support a leader of every single citizen of Israel. I came to support a leader who always, always was there at the side of the Jewish people, ...who will never give up or concede; the time of the Jewish people giving up and conceding on Israel is over," stated Zoabi.

The youth continued, "we are living here in the state of Israel, a Jewish democratic state, the state of the Jewish people and a state of all its citizens, and Mr. Netanyahu defends every citizen of Israel, Arab and Jewish alike."

Referencing Netanyahu's recent Congress address warning against a nuclear Iran, he said "Mr. Binyamin Netanayhu stood, stands and will stand before the entire world when needed on issues of the security of Israeli citizens, the security of the state of Israel, and of course for the future of the Jewish people that suffered enough and deserves to live in quiet and peace in the land of Israel, the land of the Jewish people."

"You will be the next prime minister with G-d's help," concluded Zoabi, addressing Netanyahu.

After embracing Zoabi, Netanyhu pledged that "he will represent the Likud in the Knesset," indicating that Netanyahu recognized the potential of the youth to be an MK and public representative.

The video of Zoabi's speech, in Hebrew, can be seen below.