New App Allows Surfin' the 'Net with Peace of Mind

Today the world really is at our fingertips - with 75% of children using smartphones, how can we protect them from harmful content?

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Welcome to the Internet filter revolution
Welcome to the Internet filter revolution

Netspark, a pioneer in the field of developing technologies to filter harmful Internet content, has created a revolution that will make the Internet a place that is safe for your family.

Surfin’ the ‘Net is no longer an exotic vocation for computer nerds. It is a given. For many of us, it is even hard to imagine what life would be like without the Internet. And for our children, born into a world in which the Internet is ubiquitous, they indeed cannot imagine life without the Internet!

And yet, for all of the wonder and convenience that the Internet provides, we cannot stick our heads in the sand and pretend that the Internet does not also carry with it significant challenges. 

If so, our choice is not whether we should use the Internet or not. The essential question is:  Will we choose to continue to use unfiltered Internet, thereby exposing ourselves and our children to unwanted and potentially offensive material; or will we take the easy and sensible precaution of protecting ourselves? 

In Israel, Netspark, and their subsidiary Internet Rimon, are popular brand names that have become synonymous with surfing the Internet safely. 

Netspark has created a new mobile app called Netspark Mobile. This app transforms any Android-based Smartphone or Tablet into a safe, child-friendly device.  

“This is a real revolution,” said Moshe Weiss, the founder of Netspark. 

Weiss believes that “instant, unfiltered Internet access is a significant challenge facing the Jewish world, and in fact, to the entire world. We do not even begin to understand the profound impact that unfiltered Internet will have for our children and future generations.   

Our children should be able to access the Internet safely, without worrying about being exposed to content that contradicts our basic system of core Jewish values.”

What is the exciting new breakthrough?

Netspark has already been the trailblazers in this field in Israel. Its subsidiary, Internet Rimon, is the only Internet Service Provider that provides real online filtering to your home computer. Customers consistently testify that Internet Rimon allows every member of their family, or workplace, to surf the Internet freely, without the dangers associated with exposure to unwanted material. 

Netspark Mobile will apply this same technology to mobile units such as Smartphones and Tablets. Smartphone users can now go anywhere and feel safe knowing that Netspark Mobile will offer them protection against the bombardment of morally problematic material on the Internet.

What is the need for Netspark Mobile?

The Internet has reshaped our society and our personal lives in profound ways. When it first burst on the scene, no one could have possibly predicted that the Internet would become such an absolutely integral part of our lives.

Today, available on any Smartphone or Tablet, any person, including our children, has the world literally at his fingertips, including unfiltered access to social media networks, and even exposure to dangerous predators, hate sites, pornography or other inappropriate material.

“The statistics show that in the Western world 75% of children between 10-15 use a Smartphone at least once a day. Approximately 37% of these children actually own a Smartphone themselves,” Weiss points out.  

“Last year, 42% of children between the ages of 10-17 were exposed to offensive content at least once, even though 70% claimed that they hadn’t intended to view that specific content. Do you know what it is to be a parent or a teacher faced with these statistics?!”

Even those parents who have responsibly installed Internet Rimon or other filters on their home computer networks, cannot protect their children when they leave the home and they have access to unsecured WiFi networks. 

Until now. 

How is Netspark Mobile different than other mobile safety internet systems?

The difference between Netspark Mobile and other systems is simple, and profound. Other systems attack the symptom of the problem, and they try to filter the WiFi or the network to which the phone is connected. 

Netspark Mobile attacks the root of the problem by securing the Smartphone or Tablet itself. 

Netspark Mobile works on any Android Smartphone or Tablet. 

This simple difference has two huge benefits. 

First, this means that you have protection no matter where you are:  outside your home, in school or the workplace, or even on the other side of town.  Your Smartphone remains secure. 

Second, other safety systems detect objectionable content on a website and then block the entire website or that specific web page. This discourages many people from using safety protocols because they are frustrated with the overly aggressive blocking of content. 

Netspark Mobile’s unique technology is capable of extracting the problematic content while leaving the important, quality content for which you were searching. It is sensitive enough to intelligently “review” the content and decide what to reveal and what simply is not suitable, based on the level of protection you have chosen. The technology is so advanced that it can even remove an offensive photograph from a single page, while allowing the viewer to see the remainder of the page. Therefore, Internet users are free to surf the ‘Net unsupervised, while being able to be thoroughly protected from offensive content. “That’s the goal!” Weiss proclaims.

Is it easy to use?

Netspark Mobile was designed for easy use. The management system for the phone is simple to activate and easy to navigate, even for those people who don’t feel so comfortable with new technological devices. 

Parents and school administrators will be delighted to know that each Smartphone can be managed remotely. The parent or administrator responsible for the phone can adjust the settings to receive different kinds of notifications. And, for those computer-savvy children who may be tempted to circumvent the app, the management system is protected by state-of-the-art security protocols that effectively block any attempt to bypass or remove the Safe Mode. In the Android 5.0 and above, you can also turn on a protection option that can’t be removed even if the phone is reset to the factory settings.

Who is Netscape Mobile suitable for?

Netscape Mobile is suitable for anyone with an Android Smartphone or Tablet. Parents will want this app not only for themselves, but for their children. Yeshivot,  Ulpanot and schools will want to encourage their students who have Smartphones to install this application.

In our fast-paced world, in which the wonders of the Internet can too-often be abused, Netspark Mobile offers a cheap, effective option that allows you, your children, and your students, to enjoy the enormous benefits of the Internet without being exposed to unwanted and undesirable material.

The Netspark Mobile App is available as a free download on Google Play. Try it for one week for free. We are convinced that after using the App and seeing the protection it provides, you will choose to leave the App on your Smartphone.

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