Yishai to Bennett: Stop Attacking Us

Yachad chief responds after Jewish Home head calls his party 'superfluous,' says it's the only right-wing party.

Gil Ronen ,

Eli Yishai
Eli Yishai
Edi Israel/Flash 90

The Chairman of Yachad / Ha'am Itanu, MK Eli Yishai, penned a politely worded but sharp response to Jewish Home leader Naftali Bennett, after Bennett called Yachad “superfluous” in a TV talk comedy show.

The response is as follows:

"Naftali. My dear brother,

"Many, and perhaps you, too, ask what the difference is between the Jewish Home and Yachad. Yesterday you defined us as a superfluous party. It is therefore important that you realize the added value that only we will bring into the government.

"We are the only party that unites, under its wings, haredim, yeshiva students, working 'averechim' (adult yeshiva students), settlers, religious nationalists, secular people – Mizrahim and Ashkenazim together – in order to truly take care of all of them.

"We are not interfering with your quest to enlist voters. We do not have any pretense to compete with Likud. We are, rather, a party with a vision of its own, that will lead and not be led.

"We will not consent to harming the Torah world. We will not allow the status quo to be dented and we will fix all of the terrible laws that were passed by the previous government, in which you are a member.

"We did not attack you for placing a candidate who smokes drugs on your list, who supports the legalization of drugs, a matter that relays a very bad message to the youth,” Yishai added – a reference to journalist Yinon Magal.

"We did not attack you over your decision to remove Eli Ohana – a decision that caused eyebrows to be raised in the Mizrahi sector. They asked why the soccer player is not good enough and the drug smoker is.”

Eli Ohana, a former soccer star of Mizrahi origins, asked to be removed from the Jewish Home list after his appointment by Bennett caused an uproar in the party. The objections to Ohana related mostly to the fact that the soccer league plays mostly on the Sabbath, and also to his lack of experience in social or political activism, but some accused the Jewish Home of exhibiting elitism in his rejection as well.

"We will be in the next Knesset and on the next government, for our voters and for all of Israel, and we will take care of them in accordance with their views, just as we promised them on the eve of the elections," Yishai went on.

"We will not stutter when there is talk about a fake peace, the handing over of territories and the freeing of terrorists with blood on their hands. We will take care of the Torah of Israel, the Nation of Israel and the Land of Israel, without apologizing.

"Naftali, my brother, Yachad is the only right wing party today. The only party in the Right that is both Torah-based and socially oriented. Therefore, if it is important to you that that the right wing bloc become stronger on election day – please show responsibility.”