Historical Passover Haggadot You Can Buy Today

Ever heard of an Ethiopian Haggadah? Or a Liberty Haggadah? Try something different this Pesach.

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Try something different this passover
Try something different this passover

One of the all time classic Jewish texts, the Haggadah is the guide to the Passover Seder. At the same time, the Haggadah is also often utilized as a fascinating educational resource for a wide variety of Jewish and contemporary themes.

Today, JudaicaWebStore.com is proud to offer an amazing collection of unique Haggadot which tell the story of the Exodus while enhanced with fascinating stories of the Jewish experience as it manifest throughout history in different time periods and geographic locations. These include:

1) The Floersheim Haggadah (Europe 16th Century). This beautiful and unique Haggadah is as much of a transcendent historical document as it is an actual Passover Haggadah. It's a reproduction of a classic Ashkenazi Haggadah written in the year 1502 and a treasure of information about German Jewry in the Middle Ages. Each page is illuminated with colorful 16th century illustrations while accompanied by an excellent booklet giving detailed explanations of each one. 

2) The Babylonian Haggadah. A fascinating Haggadah devoted to ancient Babylonian Jewry (the area of modern day Iraq), one of the world's oldest and most historically significant Jewish communities. Surrounding the story of the Exodus are colorful, historical images that tell the story of Babylonian Jewry ever since the destruction of the First Temple approximately 2,700 years ago, while revealing their enduring connection with the land of Israel.

3) Shushan Haggadah. This Haggadah is dedicated to the world of Persian Jewry (the area of modern day Iran), where Jews have lived for over 2,700 years, dating back to Biblical times. It features original, colorful works of art and historical pictures, while a historical introduction provides readers with the amazing story of Persian Jewry.

4 ) Ethiopian Haggadah: Journey to Freedom. A work of art which combines the classic traditional Jewish Passover Seder with the inspiring and unprecedented story of the Jews of Ethiopia and their return home to Israel in the 1980s and 90s. This Haggadah is interspersed with essays, poetry, photographs, and artwork that tell one of the 20th century's most inspiring stories.

5) Liberty Haggadah. In this unique Haggadah, the traditional text is accompanied by a variety of historical photographs and images associated with Passover, including spectacular works of art and folklore, excerpts from ancient editions, photographs of the Seder in the Diaspora, and images representing the preservation of the Zionist spirit over the years in exile.

6) Bird's Head Haggadah. This rare Haggadah is inspired by the original "Bird's Head" Haggadah published in Germany towards the end of the 13th century (The original resides in the Israel Museum, Jerusalem). It is richly illustrated by movable pop-ups depicting major scenes, such as the Crossing of the Red Sea and the Ten Plagues, while the replacement of human faces by animal-heads is representative of Ashkenazi Jewish manuscripts of the 13th and 14th centuries. Told in Hebrew and English, it's sure to become a family favorite for years to come.

Credit: JWG
Credit: JWG

All of these Haggadot are guaranteed to not only enhance your Passover Seder experience with their unique themes, but each one will be an invaluable treasure of knowledge you can take with you the rest of your life. Happy Passover!