Kirchner: Nisman Praised Me in the Past

Argentina’s president says that prosecutor Alberto Nisman had in the past praised her for calling for justice for the AMIA victims.

Ben Ariel ,

Argentine President Cristina Kirchner
Argentine President Cristina Kirchner

Argentina’s president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner said on Sunday that Alberto Nisman, the prosecutor who accused her of a criminal cover-up, had also praised her, The Associated Press (AP) reported.

Kirchner said, according to the report, that documents had been found in Nisman’s safe, one written in December and the other in January. She said that in both he spoke favorably of her speeches to the United Nations aimed at getting justice for the attack on the Argentine Israelite Mutual Association, which killed 85 people.

Kirchner added that was contradictory to his allegations that she and other top officials in her administration had orchestrated a cover-up with Iran to shield officials allegedly responsible in a grain-for-oil deal.

“Which Nisman do I go with?” she said, according to AP. “With the one who accused us of a cover-up or the one who addressed me, acknowledging all we had done” to bring justice?

Nisman was found dead on January 18, the day before he was to detail his allegations against the president to Congress. Authorities are investigating whether Nisman committed suicide or was killed.

It has been revealed that Nisman had drafted arrest warrants for Kirchner and for Foreign Minister Hector Timerman before he was found dead.

The charges drawn up by Nisman were subsequently endorsed by a new team of prosecutor, but a judge last week dismissed the case, indicating he believed no crime was committed.

The president herself has suggested that Nisman was manipulated by disgruntled former intelligence agents who then killed him to smear her.

Kirchner said she would dissolve the nation's intelligence body after she blamed rogue agents for Nisman's death.