Diaspora Jews Urged: Vote Now for Zionist Congress

'People shouldn't come later and say 'Oy, how come these Reform organizations are getting all this money?,'' warns NYC rabbi.

Gil Ronen ,

Rabbi Yoel Schoenfeld
Rabbi Yoel Schoenfeld
Arutz Sheva

Every four years, since the days of Theodore (Binyamin Ze'ev) Herzl, the World Zionist Congress convenes to make key funding and policy decisions.

The voting for the 37th Zionist Congress – which will take place in October 2015 – is ongoing, having begun on January 14, and continuing to April 30.

Rabbi Yoel Schoenfeld, of Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills in Queens, NYC, explained to Arutz Sheva that the funds allocated in October will be divided among the various Israeli institutions according to the percentage of votes received by different streams and organizations, in the voting being carried out now.

"Various organizations are allotted money based on the proportion of votes that they get from the Diaspora,” he elaborated. “So that if the Reform get X percentage of the vote, they are allocated in turn X percent of the budget to spend on their institutions in Israel. So that's why it is very important for those of us who have an Orthodox interest and a Torah interest, to be active in this vote... to just vote!

"People shouldn't come later and say 'Oy, how come these leftists, Reform organizations, are getting all this money. Why not us?' Not us? ...You didn't vote! They did!”