Charlie Hebdo Survivor Targeted by ISIS Supporters

ISIS-affiliated Twitter accounts call for lone-wolf attacks against Charlie Hebdo cartoonist and human rights activist, Zineb el-Rhazoui.

Cynthia Blank ,

Charlie Hebdo's latest Mohammed cover
Charlie Hebdo's latest Mohammed cover

Islamic State (ISIS) supporters have put a target out on Zineb el-Rhazoui, a Franco-Moroccan cartoonist for the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. 

El-Rhazoui, also a human rights activist and a journalist, is one of the survivors of the brutal terror attack on the magazine's offices in Paris last month. 

Supporters of the terror organization ISIS have begun calling on Twitter for lone-wolf attacks against the cartoonist, Vocativ reported. 

Thousands of user have attached the hashtag, translated from Arabic as, #MustKillZinebElRhazouiInRetaliationForTheProphet, over the past 24 hours. 

"Where are the lone wolves of Morocco? Where are the foreigners who are thirsty to slaughter?" one of the tweets reads.

ISIS-affiliated accounts have also posted el-Rhazoui's personal details, images of her husband and sister, as well as pictures of ISIS beheadings. Another tweet posted a map from el-Rhazoui's personal Facebook page, showing locations "the apostate's" checked into. 

The cartoonist responded by immediately changing her Facebook page's profile picture. 

El-Rhazoui, 33, has been vocal of her secular, humanist views and was one of the cartoonists to contribute to the special edition of Charlie Hebdo published a week after the shooting. 

"Secularism as far as I know, is the only way to permit everyone to live in the same society, even if people are different," she said at a recent event in Montreal, where she defended the publication. 

"Islam needs to submit to secularism and it also needs to get a sense of humor."