Haaretz: Labor Candidate Encourages Violence

'It is permissible to strike people in a struggle for democracy...and worthwhile to be arrested,' Eldad Yaniv is quoted as saying.

Gil Ronen ,

Eldad Yaniv
Eldad Yaniv
Yonatan Sindel / Flash 90

Attorney Eldad Yaniv, number 30 on Labor-Hatnua's Knesset list, is quoted by leftist Haaretz as encouraging the use of violence “in the struggle for democracy,” at an election event with voters.

Haaretz's Roi Arad was present at a Labor-Hatnua event in which candidates met voters in a “speed date” style session in a Tel Aviv bar. The voters moved from table to table to speak with the different candidates simultaneously.

A voter named Arik came up to Yaniv's table, reported Arad, and asked him: “Where are our hilltop youth? Where is the 'saison'? Someone needs to leave in a stretcher, we need to see blood.”

The saison is the name of the "hunting season" in which leftists turned over right-wing activists to the British authorities during the British Mandate. 

Arad reports that he expected Yaniv to express reservations, but the candidate surprised him: “It is permissible to strike people in the struggle for democracy,” he said.

"I asked if I had heard correctly, that it is OK to hit people. Eldad Yaniv repeated his words and said – 'It is permissible to strike people, five exclamation marks, and it is worthwhile to get arrested.' He said that before speeches by Ben Gurion, his grandfather, Avram, used to beat up people who were likely to disrupt the event. He asked him – 'grandfather, why did you hit people?', and Grandpa answered, 'We have to hit people so that they do not hit us.'”

Arik was “truly overjoyed” at Yaniv's reply, wrote Arad. In an apparent reference to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Arik said: “Some cheeky nobody comes along and says 'you are not Zionists.' I would put pictures of Ben Gurion and Rabin next to this nobody and ask – who isn't Zionist? They murdered Rabin, a bulldozer should come to Yitzhar at 9 a.m. They should receive an intifada.”