Danish Imam Urges War on Infidels on Eve of Attack

Danish imam's sermon at Copenhagen mosque encouraged hostility towards 'infidels', raises questions about incitement.

Ari Soffer,

Site of Copenhagen cafe shooting
Site of Copenhagen cafe shooting

The Muslim gunman responsible for the weekend's deadly Copenhagen shootings may have acted alone, but questions continue to be asked about what "inspired" his deadly rampage.

Whereas some reports focused on Omar El-Hussein's history of violent crime and drug abuse, and others focused on his radicalization inside a Danish jail and the possibility he sought to emulate the Paris terror attacks last month, the source of the hate which drove him to kill may have been far closer to home.

If recent footage from a sermon delivered at  Copenhagen mosque is anything to go by, the indoctrination of young radical Muslims like El-Hussein may begin in the country's mosques.

Just one day before El-Hussein began is murderous campaign, which left two people dead and several others wounded, Copenhagen Imam Hajj Saeed delivered an aggressive sermon at his weekly Friday service, urging Muslims to reject dialogue or friendship with non-Muslim "infidels" and emulate the ways of Mohammed who "waged war on the Jews."

Although there is no suggestion Saeed had anything whatsoever to do with the attacks, nor even that El-Hussein attended his mosque, the footage, obtained and translated by MEMRI, offers a chilling insight into the kind of radical teachings which Danish Muslims are often exposed to at their places of worship.

Just hours after the sermon was recorded, El-Hussein fired some 200 bullets into a cultural center hosting a free speech event, murdering a filmmaker and injuring several others. The next day, he opened fire outside a synagogue, murdering a volunteer security guard and injuring three policemen.