Fight Against ISIS Helps Israel-Jordan Relations

Common enemy? Israel-Jordan relationship reportedly improving as both sides struggle to battle radical Islamism, security source says.

Tova Dvorin , | updated: 8:18 PM

ISIS terrorist in Syria (file)
ISIS terrorist in Syria (file)

The fight against Islamic State (ISIS) has helped strengthen the relationship between Israel and Jordan, a senior security source stated Wednesday night.

"The relationship between Israel and Jordan is very good," the source stated to Walla! News on condition of anonymity, adding that the fight against ISIS has given the two countries a shared goal and common ground. 

"The common interest is to add regional stability," he added. 

Both Israel and Jordan are fighting against ISIS from within, as Israel struggles to cope with ISIS cells from within Hamas's and the Palestinian Authority's territories and from at least 30 Israeli Arabs who are estimated to have become radicalized and joined the group.

Jordan, for its part, accepted over one million refugees from nearby Syria over the past three years - and the Hashemite kingdom is concerned over possible sleeper cells hidden among the victims of the conflict, the security source noted. 

Until recently, Amman had stayed relatively quiet in the international fight against ISIS - but it has vowed to crush the group after they released a highly choreographed video showing the murder of its pilot Maaz al-Kassasbeh, who was captured in December when his F-16 warplane went down in Syria.

This is also a dramatic turnaround for the Israel-Jordan relationship, which suffered in late 2014 due to Jordanian intransigence over Israel cracking down on Arab rioting on the Temple Mount, remarks from the Israeli Ambassador over Amman honoring terrorists, and having a major role in the Palestinian Authority's (PA) "diplomatic war" on Israel at the UN.