'Israel is Fighting for your Freedom'

Jewish Home party leader's new video makes the case against an Israeli withdrawal from Judea-Samaria; 'War for democracy starts here.'

Ari Soffer ,

"Your war for democracy starts right here"
"Your war for democracy starts right here"

Jewish Home party leader Naftali Bennett has proven adept at using viral videos to reach out to the Israeli electorate ahead of elections next month, communicating his party's key messages and platform for the 20th Knesset.

But in a new video released Tuesday, Bennett aims at a different audience entirely: the international community.

Entitled "Israel - Fighting For Your Freedom", the video makes the case against an Israeli withdrawal from Judea and Samaria - something most international leaders have been demanding in order to implement their vision of a "two-state solution" to the Arab-Israeli conflict.

The clip focuses on Israel's strategic importance to the western world as a bulwark against Islamic terrorism - and in turn, highlights the critical strategic importance of the Judea-Samaria highlands, the ancient Jewish heartland which overlooks all of Israel's major population centers, for the Jewish state's own survival.

Bennett begins by listing the various jihadist fronts facing Israel, to illustrate how "Israel is at the forefront of the global war on terror."

"To the north we have Hezbollah, to the east we have ISIS, to the south we have Hamas," he says. "This is the front line between the free and civilized world and radical Islam."

By standing strong and fighting Islamist terror, Israel is "stopping the wave of radical Islam from flowing from Iran and Iraq all the way to Europe."

From Israel's own perspective, giving away such a key strategic asset "makes no sense," he notes.

"If we give up this piece of land and hand it over to our enemies, my four children down there in Raanana will be in harm's way."

However, turning back to his international audience, he stresses that the case against further territorial concessions by Israel extends much further.

"Your war for democracy starts here, your war for freedom of speech starts right here."

Bennett has been a vocal critic of Israeli land concessions and calls for a "two-state solution" that would see the establishment of a 23rd Arab state across Judea, Samaria and Gaza.

The Jewish Home party is the only major Israeli political party to officially reject the "two-state" model, and Bennett has advocated a controversial alternative of his own, dubbed "the Stability Plan."

As his party looks likely to strengthen from its current 12 seats (though to what degree depends on which poll you look at), Bennett's views on "two states" and Judea and Samaria are likely to receive greater attention - particularly if the Jewish Home party enters the next coalition government.

While previous videos (most notably during the last elections in 2013) focused on communicating Bennett's "Stability Plan" to Israeli audiences, this new clip may signify his opening salvo in making the case for an alternative to the international community.