Hevron Jews to PM: Don't Be Afraid to Visit Cave

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu should not hesitate to visit the Machpelah Cave, despite threats, said members of the Hevron community.

Moshe Cohen ,

Cave of Patriarchs
Cave of Patriarchs
Miriam Tzachi

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu should not hesitate to visit the Cave of the Patriarchs (Machpelah Cave), despite warnings by Arab terror groups that he “not dare” do so, said members of the Hevron Jewish Community.

“Hevron is the basis of historic Jewish rights in the Land of Israel,” said a spokesperson for the Community. “The name 'Israel' itself stems from the Cave, where our forefather Jacob, who was called Israel, is buried. It is time to make clear to all that Israel will not surrender to terror and threats of terror.”

Last week, Arutz Sheva revealed that Netanyahu was planning to visit communities in Gush Etzion, as well as the Cave, in the coming days. In response, terror groups Fatah and Hamas warned Netanyahu not to do so, saying that it would “add fuel to the fire."

Netanyahu is starting a conflagration of religious warfare and is using places of religious worship for his election campaign,” said Fatah spokesperson Osama al-Kawasme. “The Cave of the Patriarchs is holy Islamic land and a holy mosque. We will defend our holy places,” he said.

A Hamas spokesperson also threatened violence if Netanyahu set foot on the site, where the Jewish patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, among others, are buried. “This is a dangerous escalation. The Palestinian people will not remain silent over this crime. The Cave is not for sale for cheap Zionist propaganda.”

In a statement, the Hevron Jewish Community encouraged Netanyahu to visit. “We extend our hands in peace to all people, but terror must be uprooted and destroyed,” the statement said. “The Prime Minister is the one who must raise this flag. Come to Hevron – this is where our rights, and our roots are. With this power the State of Israel will emerge victorious from this struggle,” it added.