My Personal Miracle

A chain reaction leads one expectant mother to add another to her brood of two despite difficult family circumstances.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Baby (illustration)
Baby (illustration)

In a series of articles about the Efrat organization, Arutz Sheva presents a number of personal stories and anecdotes relating the group's life-saving activities. This week’s article centers on Inbal, a 30-year-old mother of two who decided to terminate her third pregnancy in the wake of a painful divorce.

“Being a single mother with two children was one thing; but to add a newborn to the mix felt like an unnecessary and likely disastrous complication,” Inbal recounted.

“My parents were horrified and attempted to deter me from having an abortion at every given opportunity. My father, in particular, took the news of my impending abortion with extreme difficulty. Today, in retrospect, I know that he worked behind the scenes to save his unborn grandchild.”

On the day of Inbal’s scheduled abortion, her father, a taxi driver, set out for his daily route, a colorful flyer on his windshield. He did not remove the flyer from his vehicle, but rather continued to drive around the city with the page affixed to the car. Stopped at a traffic light, Inbal’s father glanced at the colorful flyer. It depicted the first stages of fetal development.

“My father knew that I was going to terminate my pregnancy that day, but he did not want to call me directly. Instead, he turned to the Efrat organization. Before I left my house that day, a woman called me, introducing herself as an Efrat volunteer.’”

The volunteer explained to Inbal that she knew where she was headed that she had not planned the pregnancy and feared that the baby would burden her in light of her recent divorce. The volunteer asked Inbal a question that she now states she will never forget.

“I know you have two other children at home. Would you ever consider hurting them because of the divorce? What is the difference between them and the child growing inside of you?”

Inbal was stunned. She had never stopped to think about her situation in those terms. All of the sudden, the volunteer’s words became clear. Inbal grew embarrassed. She could not find the words to express her emotions. Instead, she asked how the Efrat organization knew to call her at exactly that time.

“She told me that my father had made contact with them; had given them my telephone number. I burst out in tears. I immediately felt that if I terminated this pregnancy, I would never be able to forgive myself. Moreover, I would never be able to look my father in the eyes again.”

Inbal decided to continue with her pregnancy. Throughout the process, the same Efrat volunteer was in close contact with her, accompanying her through tough times and difficult decisions, as well as in joyous moments, such as the happiness surrounding her son’s birth.

“My father was full of emotion at the circumcision ceremony,” Inbal recalled. “As per his request, I gave my new son two names: Maor Nissim. Maor because he truly did bring new light into my life despite the difficulties surrounding the divorce. Nissim because it was a true miracle that I chose to bring him into this world!”