PM: Vote for Likud, or You Might Get Left Govt.

It's not enough to vote for a right-wing party, PM Binyamin Netanyahu said; you have to vote for Likud to avoid a leftist government.

Moshe Cohen ,

Prime Minister Netanyahu in Eli
Prime Minister Netanyahu in Eli
Photo: PR

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Wednesday visited the Samaria town of Eli – not necessarily a major outpost of support for him – to try and convince voters for parties like Jewish Home and Yahad that they would be better off supporting the Likud.

Netanyahu visited the B'nei David pre-military academy, and urged students and others who came to hear him speak that the Likud was their best choice if they wanted to ensure the future of their community.

“It's either the Likud or the left and Labor, or by whatever name they call themselves now,” he said, referring to Labor-Hatnua's adoption of the term "Zionist camp."  

Voters needed to be realistic about the party on the right that they voted for, he said. “You have to go with the party that can reach higher,” said Netanyahu. “It's not about strengthening the right-wing bloc, but about the size of the party. That will determine who forms the next government.”

If the Likud does not get enough seats, that privilege will belong to Labor and the left, Netanyahu said. “Then you will get a government that will know no limits to its surrender.

“Their concerns are not our concerns,” Netanyahu said of Labor and its leftist allies. “There is a great gulf between us in our concern for our heritage and our connection to our land, and our ability to stand strong against pressure. It's either the Likud or the left,” Netanyahu added.

“Whoever wants me as Prime Minister must vote Likud. This is important enough for me to say directly and clearly. We have tremendous energies among us, but we must have the proper leadership.”