Yesh Atid MK Touted Alternative Seder with Bread

Jewish Home MK Ben Dahan says religious Zionists are too smart to buy the Yesh Atid campaign that woos them.

Gil Ronen ,

Rabbi Eliyahu Ben Dahan
Rabbi Eliyahu Ben Dahan
David Hochberg, B'Sheva

Jewish Home MK Rabbi Eli Ben Dahan, Deputy Minister for Religious Services, told Arutz Sheva Wednesday that religious Zionists are too smart to buy Yesh Atid's current advertising campaign, which tries to convince them that the secularist party is their true home.

It is important, said Ben Dahan, to note that the woman Yesh Atid places at the forefront of the campaign is MK Ruth Calderon, “who is a nice and pleasant woman on the personal level, but MK Lipman forgot that before the previous Seder, she said that for her, Passover meant eating bread and an orange. Is that religious Zionism?”

Rabbi Ben Dahan was referring to an interview on the Knesset Channel before Pesach last year, in which Calderon said that she planned to attend an alternative seder and was thinking of placing an orange and a piece of bread on the table. She explained that the orange would stand for gay rights, and the bread would remind people that some people have nothing to eat.

Ben Dahan also cited a recent statement by Yesh Atid MK Rabbi Shai Piron, announcing that hs party intends to recommend Yitzhak Herzog and Tzipi Livni for prime minister, as proof that Yesh Atid is “a leftist party.”

"The public is very far from these positions,” the rabbi added. “The public doesn't buy this. It understands that this is a forgery of positions. If we want a national religious party, let us go to the source and not the imitation.”