A Lifesaving Flyer

What is the true power of the written word?

Arutz Sheva Staff ,


In a series of articles about the Efrat organization, Arutz Sheva presents a number of personal stories and anecdotes relating the group's life-saving activities. This week’s article centers on Ronit, a teacher who found a colorful flyer on top of a stack of tests in her cubby in the teacher’s lounge at her place of work.

“The flyer reached me at the most surprising time,” Ronit recounted.

The day earlier, Ronit had taken a day off from work. She knew that a lecture was scheduled to be given over to the senior students. Upon seeing the flyer, Ronit grew worrisome that there was a connection between the flyer in her cubby and the lecture. After speaking with another teacher, the one who had initiated the lecture, Ronit found out that a black-yarmulke wearing doctor had arrived at the school and had spoken with the students about family life.

“Let me make it clear that I do not work at a secular high school. Nevertheless, I work with a group of spirited teenagers. Despite all of my concerns, the subject and approach fascinated the students from the get-go. They say for an hour and a half in complete and utter silence.”

Ronit held the flyer up to her colleague’s face and bluntly asked if the piece of paper had anything to do with the previous day’s lecture. The answer was positive. Tears began to form in the corners of Ronit’s eyes.

“You hit the nail on the head,” Ronit wept, telling her fellow teacher how she and her husband have been discussing a very sensitive matter as of late.

Ronit recounted how she had recently found out she was pregnant. “We didn’t think that it was the best time to start a family right now. We were strongly leaning towards reconsidering having a baby when once our financial situation had improved. And then, lo and behold, that very morning, I entered the school and this flyer entitled, ‘The Diary of an Infant,’ was waiting for me in my cubby. I instantly changed my mind about having an abortion.”

Ronit said she is generally considered to be a smart person who carefully considers the pros and cons of situations, never making decisions out of haste. She recalled how her colleague was taken aback that a mere glance at a flyer led her to decide to continue with her pregnancy.

“The images that accompanied the printed explanations overwhelmed me with emotion. They spoke to the part of me that I had preferred repress; the side that saw the ‘pregnancy’ as a given situation while ignoring scientific facts. Namely, that with every passing week, even from the very beginning, this pregnancy was developing into a live creation! That, at the end of the day, every healthy pregnancy results in a child being born. Facing such facts, I could no longer remain apathetic. I showed the flyer to my husband and he immediately understood.”

Dr. Schossheim of the Efrat organization, the black-yarmulke wearing doctor who spoke at Ronit’s school, responded to the teacher’s heartfelt story. He said that “As a doctor, I am committed to providing each and every woman with the relevant medical information regarding pregnancy and the ramifications of termination. The Efrat organization thus invests great resources into the distribution of informational flyers, in addition to the lectures I am invited to hold. You can never know what the impact of such information is in advance.”

Dr. Schossheim travels near and far on behalf of Efrat, out of a true sense that even if the words he says or the flyers he hands out reach one woman, his destiny and obligation as a Jewish doctor to save lives, has been fulfilled.