Former ISA Chief Lectures PM on Incitement

Yuval Diskin rebukes PM for calling charges against his wife "incitement," says real incitement is what killed Rabin.

Cynthia Blank ,

Diskin and Netanyahu
Diskin and Netanyahu
Flash 90

Former Israel Security Agency (ISA or Shin Bet) chief Yuval Diskin has taken Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's spokesman to task for calling the allegations against the premier's wife Sara "incitement."

Sara Netanyahu is accused of returning bottles used by the Prime Minister's Residence to stores, and pocketing the funds, which technically belong to the public. 

Additionally, the Prime Minister's Residence is charged with spending tens of thousands of shekels on alcohol each year. 

Writing on his Facebook page early Sunday morning, Diskin argued: "The preoccupation with the way the Prime Minister and his wife use (and as claimed, wasted or pocketed) public funds is not incitement. It is extremely relevant, especially during elections."

Diskin also called on State Comptroller Yosef Shapira to present the report about where funds from the Prime Minister's Residence in Jerusalem were directed to. 

The left-wing Diskin then went on to criticize Netanyahu for his policies and his hypocrisy over the term "incitement." 

"I have claimed for a long time that these elections are more than about 'anyone but Bibi [Netanyahu]' and 'anyone but Sarah,'" Diskin wrote, referring to campaign slogans used by voters. 

"These elections are about where the failed Netanyahu governments have led us, and the new path that should lead the country. That is what's worth focusing on." 

Diskin then rebuked Netanyahu's claim of incitement, stressing, "Incitement is what took place in Zion Square against Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, when Likud leaders at the time, led by Binyamin Netanyahu, sponsored the horror show that took place there." 

"[These leaders] encouraged the audience against Rabin, who screamed hoarsely: 'Death to Rabin,' 'Rabin is a traitor' and more." 

Diskin added a link to a video documenting the events of the rally in Zion Square in Jerusalem on October 5, 1995 - a month before Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated. 

He concluded: "Those who want to see the difference [between the claims against Sarah Netanyahu and the threats against Rabin] should watch this video. [What happens in this video] is incitement. Period. The differences are clear."