What Happens When Americans Taste Israeli Food?

Latest entry in 'Americans taste X food' series covers common Israeli snacks; taste-testers generally like Israeli treats.

Tova Dvorin ,

Bamba snack foods
Bamba snack foods
Israel news photo: Osem

What happens when Americans unacquainted with Israel taste-test Israeli food? 

Pop news site Buzzfeed sought to find out Saturday, posting a video of their findings in their latest entry in their taste-testing series of foods from various countries around the world. 

The taste-testers seemed to like many Israeli snack staples overall, including Bissli, the Milky puddings, and the ubiquitous Israeli winter snack, Crembos. 

The clip ends with an "easter egg" of a taste-tester asking whether special "non-kosher" restaurants exist in Israel (the same way Kosher restaurants are a specific niche in the US) - which, unbeknownst to the staff, is correct.