14-Year-Old Victim 'Will Never Be Forgotten'

Yosef Zohar, 14, was murdered Wednesday night in Holon; police are investigating while the family tries to cope with the difficult loss.

Cynthia Blank ,

Ambulance (illustrative)
Ambulance (illustrative)
Uri Lenz/Flash 90

Yosef Zohar, 14, was found stabbed to death late Wednesday night in Holon. 

Magen David Adom paramedics rushed to the scene at the the city's commercial center, where they found the boy with severe chest wounds at around 10:00 p.m. After several attempts at resuscitation, they were forced to confirm his death. 

At first, paramedics estimated that the boy was in his 20s, but in the past few hours the Zohar family has made the identification. 

Over night the police arrested three suspects, aged 16 and 17, but later released the teens when it became clear they were irrelevant to the case. 

Ayalon District Commander, Natan Bozena ordered a special investigation team be established to look into the shocking murder. Since the mistaken arrests, no other suspects have been determined. 

While police continue to investigate, Zohar's family are trying to digest their loss. "He was charming, beautiful, and precocious," Zohar's mother told Channel 2 News on Thursday morning. 

"Children from the neighborhood called me and told me that Yosef had been stabbed in the commercial center," his mother stated. "I ran there, but the police would not let me in to the crime scene. There was nothing to do until they evacuated the body, which took nearly two hours." 

A close friend of Zohar's told Channel 2 that he heard the stabbing was a result of an argument over a bicycle. "They told me they stabbed him because of a bike. There was a fight and they stabbed him. He was a good person and a good friend." 

Zohar's brother wrote a glowing, but heartbreaking, eulogy on his Facebook page.

"Only a few hours ago we laughed together, and now we're going to identify your body," he wrote. "You were only 14, you haven't experienced anything. And now you've gone somewhere where I can't bring you back." 

"My little brother, my beautiful boy, each letter I write a tear falls, every minute that passes I have to digest this is it - more time won't return, there will be no more beautiful moments together," he continued. 

"I'm sorry, so sorry that I didn't always tell you how much I love you and how much you mean to me. All of your belongings in the house remind me of you. I'm already out of tears." 

"Yosef Zohar, your soul will be bound in the bond of life. I will never forget you little brother."