Lapid: Menachem Begin Wouldn't Make it in Primary

In an interview with Army Radio Thursday morning, Lapid slammed the Likud's primary process calling it 'corrupt.'

Yaakov Levi ,

Yair Lapid
Yair Lapid
Flash 90

Yesh Atid Chairman Yair Lapid slammed the Likud Thursday morning over its primary process.

Speaking to Army Radio, Lapid said that primaries in general - and especially in the Likud - were “corrupt. Even Menachem Begin would not make the cut in these kind of elections. He would not be part of a primary process where people buy and sell votes.”

Yesh Atid does not have a primary. Lapid hand-selects the members of the list, and he has sustained criticism from other parties for “dictating” the formation of the party's list.

A total of fifty five percent of Likud members voted in Wednesday's primaries.

As of Thursday at 9 AM the only clear result was that Binyamin Netanyahu had been chosen to lead the party as its candidate for Prime Minister, automatically getting the first slot on the Likud list.

Netanyahu reportedly handily beat Danny Danon, the only other candidate for the post.

Less clear is the makeup of the rest of the list.

Leading in the voting, according to Likud sources, are Gilad Erdan, Yuli Edelstein, Yisrael Katz, Ze'ev Elkin, Yariv Levin, and Silvan Shalom. Following them are Moshe Ya'alon and Ofir Akunis.

So far, it appears that Moshe Feiglin will not be in a one of the “realistic” first 20 slots on the list.