Over 1,750 Volunteered for IDF Service in 2014

End-of-year statistics reveal that more men volunteer than women, majority enter service at draft age of 18.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

IDF soldiers
IDF soldiers
Flash 90

Over 1,750 people volunteered to the IDF in 2014, the Israeli Army announced Wednesday.

Summing up the year, the IDF said that there are 1,756 volunteers in service, 84% of whom volunteered at the normal Israeli drafting age of 18. 

65% of the volunteers are men; 35% of the volunteers are women.

A total of 41 volunteer soldiers served in other capacities besides the regular Army before their enlistment. Of those, 21 volunteers served in National Service for one year before their enlistment, and 20 were enrolled in pre-army (mechina) programs. 

In addition, 4.7% of the volunteers signed on for keva, or career service, and 2% of volunteers signed on as combat soldiers were sent to officers' courses.  

Of the volunteer career soldiers, 20 signed up to become officers; 16 became official IDF programmers; six became cyber defense experts; and 42 took different roles in the Intelligence Corps and Air Force.