'Magal's Candidacy Weakens Religious Zionism'

Candidate for Jewish Home Head, Rabbi Shimon Or, criticizes news editor Yonin Magal for running for spot on Jewish Home list.

Benny Moshe, Cynthia Blank ,

Magal and Bennett
Magal and Bennett
Jewish Home

Rabbi Shimon Or, the head of the "Israel Yeudit” movement, came out in criticism of Yinon Magal's candidacy for the Jewish Home Knesset list. 

Magal, 45, has served as a senior news editor for popular Israel news site Walla! since 2012. He announced his membership to Jewish Home Sunday, along with his decision to run in the party's primaries.  

Or, who is also running in the Jewish Home primaries, albeit in the position of Chairman against current party head Naftali Bennett, called Magal's candidacy a "weakening of religious Zionism."

"There are those who think that media and advertising sites are what stands us on our feet and give them [the people in media] the right to lead the public," Or said, "but we who are faithful Zionists know that the Torah is the reality that gives us status and existence."

Rabbi Or called the move that Bennett made in welcoming Magal "regrettable." Continuing, he stated, "it weakens the status of religious Zionism in determining the future of the State of Israel." 

Another person who offered criticism about Magal's candidacy to the Jewish Home Knesset list, although much less harsh, was Raz Kiel, one of the most noted contenders in the primaries. 

"I'm very happy about media man Yinon Magal joining Jewish Home. His recognized experience in media and security can assist Jewish Home in the upcoming Knesset elections and in general." 

"However, I am of the opinion that if Yinon Magal wants to be elected to the Knesset in our party, he must act as an equal in the Jewish Home primaries, and not request a spot in advance," Kiel noted. 

"There is no reason a person should request for himself a spot in advance, especially if he is relatively young, well-known, and has economic abilities." 

The criticism comes in contrast to the welcoming of Magal by several veteran Jewish Home MKs on Sunday, who praised him for his values and outspoken resolve to stand up for the State of Israel.