Special Hannukah Ceremony Held for Dalia Lemkos

35-inch high hannukiah from medical parts donated from Yad Sarah, lit in Dalia's memory in moving ceremony.

Hezki Baruch ,

החנוכיה לזכר דליה לקמוס
החנוכיה לזכר דליה לקמוס
צילום: יונתן סינדל, פלאש 90

A special Hannukah candle-lighting ceremony was held Tuesday, where a 90 cm (35 inches)-high hannukiah, built by volunteers from Yad Sarah with parts of medical equipment, was lit in the memory of terror attack Dalia Lemkos hy"d, who was killed by Palestinian Arab terrorists in Gush Etzion five weeks ago. Lemkos was a Yad Sarah volunteer. 

Dalia's mother, Brenda Lemkos told Arutz Sheva, "This is the first holiday that we celebrate without Dalia and it is very very difficult. I am grateful to Yad Sarah."

"We will continue to the Dalia and I wish this hannukiah will bring a lot of light to the people of Israel," she added.

Yad Sarah distributed medical equipment to 1,600 patients in need in Dalia's memory over the past month.

The Chairman of Yad Sarah, Uri Lupolianski, said: "This is a wonderful menorah, made from medical equipment parts, which represents Dalia hy"d and her will to be good and help with all her heart and soul."

The person behind the creation of the menorah is the volunteer Haim Yadgar who worked six months on the construction of the menorah and when he heard about the murder decided to give the menorah to Dalia's parents.

"I have no doubt that our menorah will shine the memory of those who wanted to extend a helping hand to others and fell at the hands of murderers," he stated at the ceremony. 

Dalia was murdered by a knife-wielding Islamist at a bus stop outside the town of Alon Shvut in November. Shortly after her murder it was revealed that Dalia had been wounded in a previous stabbing attack in 2006, also in the Etzion Bloc.

Photos: Hezki Ezra