Terrorist Shot After Attacking IDF in Qalandiya

Terrorists lob pipe bomb at IDF soldiers during raid, after night of Molotov cocktail, rock attacks.

Uzi Baruch and Tova Dvorin , | updated: 8:19 AM

Arab rioters in Jerusalem (illustration)
Arab rioters in Jerusalem (illustration)
STR/Flash 90

One Palestinian Arab terrorist was shot dead by IDF forces overnight Monday/Tuesday, after several threw a pipe bomb at the Duvdevani unit during a raid. 

Two terrorists attacked the IDF and threw the bomb, the IDF stated - necessitating response by live fire. One of them was killed in the process and the other was injured. 

IDF forces are preparing the area to prevent further disturbances. IDF officials said this morning that "the incident will be investigated."

Earlier Monday night, four Arabs threw Molotov cocktails at vehicles near Qalandiya, and two rocks were thrown at an Israeli bus traveling on Route 60 near Beit Haggai. There were no casualties.

Tuesday's death follows a change in IDF policy by the Central Command, which now allows the IDF to respond by whatever means necessary to protect themselves against a life-threatening attack by Arab rioters. 

Until recently, IDF soldiers were barred from opening fire against terrorists lobbing fireworks at them, for example - but the change has allowed the IDF to shoot in any situation which soldiers deem a threat to their lives, in the event that they cannot defend themselves otherwise.