Life After Loss

An 'Efrat' volunteer talks of the fulfillment she feels upon helping new lives be brought into the world

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Flash 90

In a series of articles about the “Efrat” organization, Arutz Sheva presents a number of personal stories and anecdotes, through which the organization’s activities and strivings towards preserving human life is evidenced. This week’s article centers around an “Efrat” volunteer’s encounter with a young woman named Doreen, which deeply touched the volunteer telling her story.

The volunteer had been volunteering with the “Efrat” organization for a number of years when she came across the story of a woman named Doreen, who was 22 years old and had already terminated six pregnancies. “When I called her,” the volunteer recounted, “I had a feeling that I was about to embark upon a mission of utmost importance.” The volunteer was pained by the fact that such a young woman had already gone through so many abortions, and she understood that this time around, she must not fail, and that Doreen’s seventh pregnancy must be encouraged and she must be motivated to keep her unborn child.

“Doreen wept as she told me she was simply incapable of giving birth. She had no romantic partner, no savings and no strength to mother another at such a tender age. I told her about the abortion I unfortunately went though after having given birth to my first son, may Hashem keep him safe. I explained to her how, in the past, I did not know about the “Efrat” organization and so I terminated my pregnancy because I was in the midst of a nasty divorce. If I would have known about this incredible organization, I would have had another child today!”

The volunteer told Doreen how she only found out about “Efrat” after having gone through with the abortion, and immediately felt her entire body consumed with pain and remorse. How it was precisely this pain that led her to join the “Efrat” organization as a volunteer, in an attempt to help other women avoid the pain and suffering that she was unable to wash herself of.

“I succeeded in transmitting to her, through my personal story, the pain and anguish I felt, and Doreen became convinced that with the help of “Efrat” she could and would continue with her pregnancy.”

Doreen was told about the aid that “Efrat would provide for her: a crib, stroller, baby bath, layette set and monthly packages of necessities for a period of two years. That was enough to convince her that she could carry her child to term and become a mother.

Things, however, did not remain idyllic. When Doreen reached her sixth month of pregnancy, she called the volunteer in tears, restating her desire to terminate the pregnancy.

“At the last moment, I succeeded in stopping her,” the volunteer recounted. “I promised her that she would not regret this decision. She told me that she would put her daughter up for adoption, that she was anxious about the mere thought of becoming a mother.  Understanding her qualms, I calmed her, laughing within. It was clear to me that after the birth, Doreen would connect with her child and would grow strong enough to forget the stress of the current moment.”

Doreen did not go through with the abortion, and gave birth to a healthy and beautiful baby girl in her ninth month. The volunteer said that she feels chills every time she is reminded of this story.

The volunteer continued to tell Arutz Sheva that communications students recently made a film about her personal life. The film centered on the volunteer’s new book, entitled “She Jumped Up,” (Heb.). The book tells the story of the volunteer’s late sister, who suffered from eating disorders, and eventually succumbed to them. The film also captured the volunteer’s acting career and the manuscript she is currently working on.

“My main motivation in all of my different activities is always the mission to save lives. The film naturally also captured my work with the “Efrat” organization. Doreen and her perfect little girl took part in the students’ film. She was so grateful to me and her gratitude gave me immense satisfaction to be part of this lifesaving endeavor.”

To this day, the volunteer and Doreen remain in contact, having entered each others’ hearts through the grace of “Efrat.”  

The volunteer further recounted that she I proud of being an actress and author, but is even more proud of her unusual volunteer work, which bears the fruit of saving lives. The volunteer concluded by saying that no words can describe the feeling of knowing that she is able to help save lives and is thankful for the ability to be part of the lifesaving venture called “Efrat!”