NGO Offers Help to Soldiers Under Investigation

Honenu slams IDF decision to prosecute soldiers who took part in 5 events in which 50 Gazans were killed.

Uzi Baruch, Gil Ronen ,

IDF soldiers
IDF soldiers
Tomer Nuberg / Flash 90

The legal aid NGO Honenu, which assists Jews who are suspected of nationalist crimes, as well as IDF soldiers who face legal action for defending themselves in the line of duty, condemned on Sunday the decision by the Military Prosecution, to launch investigations against soldiers who were involved in five incidents during Operation Protective Edge, in which about 50 Gazans were killed.

Honenu urged any members of the security forces who needs legal aid to contact it and receive a lawyer's assistance.

"Our fears have unfortunately proven true, and the Military Prosecution is indeed launching investigations against combatants,” said Shmuel Meidad, Director of Honenu. “We are constantly in touch with soldiers who become embroiled in legal problems, and the feeling is that the system does not back them up, but rather treats them with ingratitude.”

"We must remember that these are our best sons, who risked their lives to safeguard the security of Israel,” Meidad said. “Presenting them as lowly criminals now, is shameful and unacceptable.”

Honenu has been leading the fight to defend IDF soldiers who face legal action for defending themselves in the line of duty. It recently launched a new initiative, and began handing out to soldiers thousands of legal aid cards explaining their basic legal rights, which include the telephone number for Honenu's legal hotline that is open 24 hours a day.

Since Operation Protective Edge, as the IDF's summer counter-terror war in Gaza was known, Honenu has already distributed over 10,000 of the cards.

"Since we started distributing we have received different cases of soldiers and Border Patrol officers who were faced with legal problems, investigations and even indictments," Honenu said in a statement. "Just last week we helped two soldiers who were arrested and released thank G-d after the involvement of attorneys from our organization."