Paying it Forward, Saving Lives

Experience causes one woman to pay it forward, bringing many new lives into this world.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Baby (illustration)
Baby (illustration)

“Five years ago, I suddenly found myself pregnant again,” Ora, a woman from central Israel recounts.

“My husband and I lived in a small housing unit within my in-laws’ home. Our financial situation was dire. We both worked, but for meager pay and we had two little ones in day care and afternoon programs. It was really hard. We had given up a rented apartment because we could not keep up paying the rent. Even after we moved into the small housing unit, we still owed a debt to our former landlord, and there were a number of utility bills we had not yet paid off. Due to the financial constraints, stress and increasing debt, my husband and I found ourselves in the midst of unpleasant relationship experiences. We fought a lot and even considered splitting up, but then I found out I was pregnant. It was an exceedingly trying time.

“When I found out I was pregnant, I was in shock. My husband’s family, who were very much opposed to large families, pressured me to end the pregnancy, without an ounce of hesitation. Even my husband began to pressure me to terminate. I felt trapped, with nowhere to go, and no one to turn to. I spoke with a good friend and confided in her regarding what was going on in my life. She told me to call the “Efrat” organization. That very day, Miriam R., an “Efrat” volunteer, returned my phone call. She was a saving grace for me during that difficult time; the only true source of support in my close surroundings, encouraging me to continue with the pregnancy. To this day, we contact each other before the holidays.

“Miriam R. gave me the strength to stand before my husband and his family and firmly announce that I was not prepared to end the life of the infant growing inside of me, just like that. The “Efrat” organization provided me with the financial support, which helped me immensely. I believed that I was in the midst of a difficult period in my life, which would eventually pass, but that my child would remain with me always.

“I gave birth to a son after having two little girls. He is the source of much joy and satisfaction. Today, he is almost five years old. After receiving aid from “Efrat” in the form of equipment and months packages for two years, I felt that I had to become part of the organization’s activism and help other women keep their spirits up and continue with their pregnancies. I began to volunteer with the “Efrat” organization. When I speak with a woman who is debating whether or not to have an abortion, I tell her my story. To this day, I have succeeded in helping 18 babies be born. Without the help of “Efrat,” they would never have been brought into this world. there is no greater satisfaction than this.”