'Zionists: Only Death Awaits You Here'

Palestinian boy uploads video to Youtube on anniversary of partition vote. Says resistance will continue and Palestine will soon be free.

Dalit Halevy, Cynthia Blank ,

Palestinians in Gaza celebrate Jerusalem syna
Palestinians in Gaza celebrate Jerusalem syna
Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash 90

On November 29 - a day loaded with the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict - Sallah a-Din Nazzal, a Palestinian youth posted a video to Youtube, sending a message to all Jews in Israel. 

In 1947, November 29 was the day the General Assembly voted to adopt the United Nations Partition Plan recommending the creation of independent Jewish and Arab states in Palestine. 

The resolution was accepted by the majority of the Jewish public, but Arab leaders and governments outright rejected the partition plan and civil war broke out, followed several months later with the outbreak of the War of Independence, when Israel declared itself a state on May 14, 1948. 

In the video, the Palestinian boy stands in front of an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) armored guard stand, wearing a traditional keffiyeh around his neck. He stresses his and the entire Palestinian population's determination to fight against the "occupation." 

He adds that he is sticking to his struggle to free Palestine, even though Palestine has become impure and IDF soldiers have begun firing at protestors who express solidarity with Gaza. 

Nazzal claims he was wounded by a bullet that hit him above the knee, and that he was also beaten by soldiers. However, he is keeping his fighting spirit alive, and makes the sign of "V," for victory, with his fingers. 

Looking at the IDF guard stand, he calls the Israeli "settlers" and soldiers "cowards." Baiting the soldiers in the guard tower, he burns an Israeli flag and tramples the flames with his feet, in an act of defiance.

He says he does not mind if the soldiers will kill him for burning the flag, because he will become a martyr and the Palestinian people love martyrs. 

In a direct appeal to the "Zionists," Nazzal argues that the "mighty Palestinian people" is sticking to its goal and will "release" Haifa, Yafo, Acco, Ramle, and Tel Aviv from the hands of the Zionists. They will also free prisoners and bring back Palestinian refugees. 

"To you, the Zionists, there is nothing here for you but death," he adds.