Double Suicide Bombers Murder Over 60 in Kenya

Crowded market in Maiduguri targeted by teenage Muslim girls with bombs, detonating one after the other.

Ari Yashar ,

Soldiers from multinational force fighting Bo
Soldiers from multinational force fighting Bo

Terrorist attacks continue to plague northern Nigeria - last Wednesday 45 people were murdered in a suspected Boko Haram attack, and on Tuesday another attack consisting of double female suicide bombers has claimed the lives of at least 60 more.

The attacks occurred in a crowded marketplace in Maiduguri, a city in the northeast of the African nation, and were perpetrated by two teenage girls dressed in full Muslim hijabs.

One of the two detonated her explosives murdering three women and drawing a crowd to treat the wounded, at which the second terrorist screamed and blew herself up murdering many more, Borno state coordinator of the Civilian Joint Task Force Abba Aji Kalli told Associated Press.

"I am right here at the scene and I have before me 11 corpses...many have been taken away by relatives, while others are taken to the state specialists' hospital," said Kalli.

The area of the attack was cordoned off by police as survivors were taken to a local hospital for treatment. The same Maiduguri market was targeted on July 2 in a car bomb attack that took the lives of 56 people.

Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram is expected to be behind the attacks. The group was based in Maiduguri when it was formed in 2002, but has been driven out of the city by the military and now controls many towns in the Borno state, reports BBC.

The terrorist group has yet to issue a statement on the attack, although there are fears the group is planning a campaign to capture Maiduguri.

Nigeria is not the only African state suffering from Islamic terror - just this Saturday Somali terrorists of the Al-Qaeda linked Al-Shabaab organization murdered 28 people in an attack on a bus in Kenya's northeastern Mandera county, in which they separated out the Muslims before shooting their victims in the head.