Watch: Gaza's ISIS-style Propaganda

Gazan based in Turkey releases fancy video clip a la ISIS threatening knife attacks on Israelis, replete with horrendous Hebrew text.

Dalit Halevy, Ari Yashar ,

Gaza terrorist celebrates synagogue attack
Gaza terrorist celebrates synagogue attack
Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash 90

A new video calling for terrorist attacks with knives - entitled "Revolution of Knives" - was uploaded by Ismael Nasser Farhat of Gaza last Thursday, after two Arab terrorists murdered four Jews and a Druze police officer last Tuesday with knives, hatchets and guns.

The video by Farhat, who apparently lives in Turkey and works for Life Lens for Media Productions, shows high production values in its call to murder IDF soldiers every day, in a manner of recruitment and propaganda reminiscent of Islamic State's (ISIS) well-funded campaign.

Palestinian Arabs are called on in the video to prepare knives and murder Israelis, with the video showing an Arab terrorist sharpening a knife and then appearing to murder an actor dressed as an IDF soldier with it.

A message appears in Arabic during the video, reading "rise to avenge, prepare the weapon for the vengeance, slaughter the Jewish soldier apes, and slaughter them every day anew, because you are death, you are destruction and you are the martyr."

After apparently murdering the "soldier," the Arab terrorist is seen waving his knife at the screen and speaking, with his words appearing as a message in Arabic and Hebrew - the latter of which is replete with numerous glaring spelling and grammatical mistakes.

"Leave our country we are the promise of heaven on you tomorrow we'll destroy you. Leave our country, we are here the history, and we are the delegates of hell to you sons of Zion," reads the awkwardly-written Hebrew message.

The similarity to ISIS propaganda films may not be incidental; ISIS cells have been proven to be active in Gaza, with several ISIS terrorists killed fighting against Israel in the recent Operation Protective Edge.

LIkewise, ISIS terrorists claimed the bombing of Gaza's French Cultural Center early last month, marking ISIS's first attack in Gaza.

Hamas for its part has also been releasing propaganda videos threatening Israel, some of which have backfired due to the hilarity of their poor Hebrew.