British MPs Justify Palestinian Excuses for Terror

British MPs equate Temple Mount rights issue, Har Nof massacre in series of controversial tweets.

Tova Dvorin ,

Sayeeda Warsi
Sayeeda Warsi

World leaders rushed to condemn Tuesday's terror attack in Har Nof, Jerusalem, after two Palestinian terrorists entered a synagogue during morning services and brutally murdered four people, and fatally wounded a fifth. 

But while UK Prime Minister David Cameron said he was "appalled" and that his "thoughts are with the victims' families," after news of the attack reached international agencies, British politicians less known to the world stage made their support for the "Palestinian cause" top priority despite the bloodshed. 

Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, who was the UK's first female Muslim minister, juxtaposed Jews ascending the Temple Mount with the attack Tuesday, citing a common rationale Palestinian terrorists make for killing Israelis and Jews.

The Temple Mount is Judaism's holiest site, which has been under the iron fist of the Jordanian Waqf since it was recaptured in 1967; as a result, Jews face bans on praying and visiting the site. 

Warsi resigned from her post over the summer in protest on the UK's stance on Operation Protective Edge in Gaza - mainly, in that it was not wholeheartedly condemning Israel for its attacks on the Hamas compounds below schools and hospitals. 

Conservative Party leader Grant Shapps responded by saying Warsi “speaks for herself, not the party.”

“Our prayers are with families of those murdered," Shapps said, adding there is "no justification for terrorism.”

Warsi was not the only MP to cause a firestorm with her comments. British lawmaker and MP David Ward, similarly, said that while the massacre was "sickening madness," the finger of blame should be pointed at Israel itself - and the international community for its inaction against it. 

Ward is no stranger to controversy. He has previously been suspended from the Liberal Democrat party following remarks about Israel and the Jews, and a tweet in the midst of Operation Protective Edge this summer caused outrage after he admitted he could identify with Hamas. 

In July 2013 he posted a tweet claiming "the Zionists are losing," branding Israel an "apartheid" state and gleefully predicting the Jewish state's demise.

The previous January he drew widespread condemnation, after accusing "the Jews" of "inflicting atrocities on Palestinians" and comparing Israel to Nazi Germany on the eve of Holocaust Memorial Day.

Furthering the controversy, journalist Charlotte Henry resigned from the Liberal Democrats on Wednesday, in partial response to Ward's tweet. 

"I joined in 2009, becoming an intern for Don Foster MP," she said. "There are few better ways to get a political education than chasing after Don. Since then I’ve campaigned and consulted for candidates, held senior roles in the youth wing, and stood for the London Assembly and my local council. However, I can no longer remain in the Liberal Democrats.".

"The continuing presence of David Ward on the Lib Dem benches has long made my stomach turn," she continued. "He has made repeated comments that I believe are anti-Semitic, and received almost no sanction from the party. Few party members see any real problems with what he says, some even defending him. Last night was the final straw for me, when he posted another highly offensive comment on social media after the horrific attacks in Jerusalem. Nothing will happen to him, he will remain a Lib Dem MP."

"I cannot be in party that allows people to say the things David Ward has, and to continue unrepentant and unpunished," she added. "I cannot be in a party in which the concerns of women are not respected properly."

"There are wonderful people in the party who I hope to remain close to. However, I cannot stay a member of the Liberal Democrats, tacitly accepting anti-Semitism and misogyny, because I’m a liberal, and I’m against that sort of thing."