Police Estimate That Riots Will End Soon

Wave of attacks and riots continue in Jerusalem. But senior police officials are convinced the situation on the ground is likely to change.

Cynthia Blank ,

Arab rioters in Jerusalem (file)
Arab rioters in Jerusalem (file)
Hadas Parush/Flash 90

Senior police sources told Channel 2 News Tuesday night that in their estimation, "the riots will end soon."

Arab riots erupted and spread across the country in the wake of the police shooting 22-year-old Hir Alhamdan in Kafr Kana in the Galilee. Alhamdan was shot after lunging at a police car and making stabbing motions toward the car's window.

"We've dealt with dozens of incidents, and we realized quickly that there are parties interested in making the tension around the Temple Mount explode. If we can curb tension on the Temple Mount, then we can slowly and gradually curb it in other locations in the country," the sources explained. 

Police sources added that they are "moving from defense to offense. This means that we will not fall into the trap they have set for us around the Temple Mount; it creates problems for us at the international level."

Police have stated that they have no plans to return to the previous security situation by which they "enter the Temple Mount again and again," because of "young people barricading themselves in the Mount" forcing security forces to break in.

Police stressed: "We're not going to compromise. We will achieve peace and quiet."

"We have invested a lot of resources and technologies to deal with the situation and when necessary, we will use special tools such as restraining orders and administrative detention, not only against the population in Judea and Samaria but also against residents in Jerusalem."