Intense Protests at HUJI over Incitement

Arabs call to 'liberate Palestine,' fight security forces in Jerusalem - causing Jewish students to counter-protest against incitement.

Shlomo Pitrikovsky, Tova Dvorin ,

Arab and leftist students wave PLO flag at TA
Arab and leftist students wave PLO flag at TA
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Arab students protested outside Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI) on Tuesday, in a demonstration of support and solidarity with the terrorists who carried out several rock-throwing attacks near the Mount Scopus campus, which is near Shuafat. 

The demonstration was held under tight security and included calls for "the liberation of Palestine" and against police and security forces.

"They were shouting that the terrorists are martyrs, victims of police brutality," one student told Arutz Sheva. "The Arab parties' student organizations were deliberately attempting to intensify the atmosphere on campus."

Hundreds of Jewish Israelis staged a counter-protest, including the Jewish Home party student organization, who called to stop the silence in the face of incitement and manifestations of terrorism on campus.

"Jewish blood is not worthless," concluded Chairman of the Chamber of Israelis at the Hebrew University, Sapir Cohen. "We will not tolerate demonstrations and incitement to violence against security forces."

"It is illegitimate to talk of terrorism here, at an academic institution which is officially in the State of Israel," Cohen added. 

The demonstrations were the latest in a round of student protests across Israel, with Arab students at several campuses staging intense protests against the security establishment. 

On Monday, a protest was launched by some 200 Arab and leftist students at Haifa University against the shooting, under the banner, "The charge: Arab. The punishment: death." 

And Sunday, a similar protest erupted at Tel Aviv University (TAU), where leftists wore Palestinian keffiyehs and shouted in Arabic.

Among other things, the protestors called out: "Israeli is a terrorist state," "Jerusalem is the capital of the Arabs," and "the deceased is a humble martyr."

More protesters openly declared that "we will continue to struggle, with blood and fire, to redeem Palestine and go back to Al-Aqsa."