'Glick Shooter Wants Jews Out of Temple Mount'

Deputy Min. Hotovely ascends Mount, demands change in status quo there, despite Netanyahu's pleas to 'calm down' over Temple.

Hezki Baruch, Gil Ronen ,

Hotovely on Mount
Hotovely on Mount
Ezra Gabai

Despite Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's pleas to “calm matters down” as regards the Temple Mount, or perhaps because of them, Deputy Transport Minister Tzipi Hotovely ascended the Temple Mount Tuesday and stated that the status quo on the Mount must change.

"The Temple Mount must become a place of Jewish worship again,” she said. “The attempt to assassinate Glick was meant to push us out of the Mount. The response must be the strengthening of the Jewish presence on the Temple Mount.”

“This reality has to change,” she added. “Jews' prayers must be heard on this Mount. This is the holiest place for the Jewish people and the status quo must change.

“I am here today in order to effect this change along with other members of the government,” declared Hotovely. “Together, from above and below, through a large movement of people who come to this mountain , and the understanding that as long as Jews are threatened for the very act of ascending to this place, the Israeli government must do everything to change the status quo.”

Glick's son was allowed to pray for his father's health on the Temple Mount Monday, according to an eyewitness.

Yehuda Glick was shot at point blank range Wednesday by a Muslim would-be assassin, who resented Glick's activity in service of the idea of Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount.