Jerusalemites to Demand Order in Demo at Police HQ

Activists and citizens will gather in front of the National Police HQ at Ammunition Hill, near the scene of last week's murderous attack.

Gil Ronen ,

Im Tirtzu protest
Im Tirtzu protest
In Tirtzu

Activists from grassroots Zionist student organization Im Tirtzu and concerned citizens will gather today (Tuesday) at 5:00 p.m. in front of the National Headquarters of the Israel Police at Ammunition Hill in northern Jerusalem, to protest the severe deterioration in security in the capital.

The licensed protest will be held near the light rail station where three-month-old Chaya Zisel-Braun was killed by a terrorist hit-and-run driver and where Karen Yemima Muskara, 22, was injured and later succumbed to her wounds.

The protestors, who will be equipped with whistles and drums, intend to call attention to the “silent intifada” taking place in Jerusalem since Operation Protective Edge. Among them will be many students who are just starting their academic year and want to feel safe and secure in the streets of Jerusalem.

The organizers say that support the work of the security forces and the police and call on all officials, including Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonvitch, to “let the police do their jobs and not tie their hands to serve public interests.”

Matan Peleg, CEO of Im Tirtzu, said Tuesday morning – “we live in an absurd reality in which the state ignores the serious problem of terrorism in its capital city, Jerusalem, in the hope that it would take care of itself. In fact, ignoring the growing terror only intensifies it and enables it.”

'Jerusalem will not become the Gaza Belt'

Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein (Likud) addressed the increasing tension in Jerusalem Monday, vowing not to let the lawlessness continue to spiral out of control during the opening session of the Knesset.

"It should be made clear: Jerusalem will not become cannon fodder, neighborhoods on the Seam Line will not become the Gaza Belt, and we will not allow a situation where travel by the light rail is reminiscent of traveling in fortified convoys from Sha'ar Hagai," he said, referencing the passageway to Jerusalem under heavy fire during Israel's 1948 War of Independence.  

"This city has lived in peace and security for years, while preserving the dignity and freedom of movement of its citizens wherever they are, and so it must continue to be."

"I am convinced that the decision-makers know well the routine in maintaining this complex city from day-to-day, and will put in their place all those who try to violate the peace of the city and the safety of residents, visitors and tourists," he added.