Some 300,000 in Israel to Head Off to College

With college and university sessions starting up again next week, a report full of statistics on higher education in Israel was released.

Moshe Cohen ,

Ariel University campus (file)
Ariel University campus (file)
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With college and university sessions starting up again next week, the Israel Higher Education Authority on Wednesday released a report analyzing the number of students in institutions, where they live, what they are studying, etc. The study included statistics for 65 institutions of higher education, including seven universities, 65 colleges, and 21 teacher training institutes.

A total of 238,420 students will be studying at these institutions for a bachelors (first) degree as the new academic year gets underway, the study said. 59,455 students are enrolled in graduate programs, and 10,860 are working on their doctorates.

Most popular among Israeli students are the social sciences, which 20.7% of students are studying. 17.7% are studying engineering and architecture, while 14.8% are studying to be teachers and doctors. Just 7.4% are studying the humanities.

The study said that it was difficult to determine the geographic origin of students, because most of them take up residence near the institutions where they are studying. Nevertheless, it said, about 25% of students are from development towns and other lower socio-economic communities, while 35% were from upper-income communities.