IDF's New Mission: Teaching Immigrants Hebrew

Soldiers in uniform gear up for the next operation - in the classroom, where they are helping children integrate into Israel.

Ari Yashar ,

IDF soldier-teacher in classroom (file)
IDF soldier-teacher in classroom (file)
Flash 90

We are used to seeing IDF soldiers in combat situations bravely defending the Jewish state - but a new video uploaded by the IDF reveals a different face of the army, "defending" the state in the classroom by teaching Hebrew to new immigrant children.

The video was uploaded in time for the Jewish holiday of Simchat Torah last week, which as the video's description explains celebrates "the joy of the Torah, learning, and education."

Featured in the clip is Cpl. Yael Shtockman, one of the IDF's many soldier-teachers who "work in Israeli schools, educating new immigrants and incorporating them into Israeli society."