Watch: Light Rail Guards Get Tough on Suspects

Ceaseless loud wailing did not help two Arab suspects who attacked Light Rail security guards.

Gil Ronen ,

Light Rail (illustration)
Light Rail (illustration)
Flash 90

Screaming and wailing did not help two Arab suspects who attacked Light Rail security guards near Jerusalem's Central Bus Station, as seen in this video, uploaded Tuesday to the 0404 Youtube account. The two reportedly had refused to identify themselves, and their screaming was no more than an act of provocation, according to eyewitnesses

The video is apparently from recent days, and according to 0404, it shows the Light Rail guards operating with greater efficiency than in the past, after receiving instructions to show “zero tolerance” toward lawbreakers.

The Light Rail has been a favored target of lawless Jerusalem Arabs, who utterly demolished several stations this summer and continue to target the train in rock-throwing and firebomb ambushes.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was furious at a top-level session he convened to discuss the violence in Jerusalem, according to Mayor Nir Barkat.

In an interview Monday, Barkat denied that the Jerusalem Municipality is trying to cover up the seriousness of the attacks on the Light Rail, and the security situation in Jerusalem in general. However, the mayor appears to have made an about face on this matter from his earlier position, which blamed the Light Rail for reporting attacks against it to the press, and preferred to hush-up the "silent intifada" because the reports about it were bad for business.