Group Brings Simchat Torah Joy to South Tel Aviv

A group of about 150 members of the Young Leadership of the Jewish Home party celebrated Simchat Torah in South Tel Aviv.

Moshe Cohen ,

הקפות שניות תשע"ג בעז ציון
הקפות שניות תשע"ג בעז ציון
מאיר סטרמן

While tensions remain high in South Tel Aviv between Jewish residents and illegal immigrants from Africa – with many Jews saying they fear to go out because of the high crime, anti-social behavior and other issues the illegals have brought in their wake – a group of about 150 members of the Young Leadership of the Jewish Home party decided to spread some joy to Jewish residents on Simchat Torah this past Thursday. The group danced their way through the neighborhood, visiting dozens of small synagogues to provide encouragement and hope for embattled residents.

Last week, hundreds of neighborhood residents marched through the neighborhood over a decision by the High Court to annul the so-called "Infiltrator Law", which sought to tackle the problem of tens of thousands of illegal immigrants from Africa residing in Israel. The High Court's decision was widely condemned by legislators, who saw it as an infringement on Israel's democratically-elected leadership by an unelected institution notorious for judicial activism in favor of "left-wing" causes.

Crime is an ongoing problem for residents. Just last week, police operating out of the Shareit police station in south Tel Aviv disrupted a robbery in progress and took the culprits into custody. A gun taken off of one of the robbers was determined to have been a decoy.

Taking matters into their own hands, the young people visited synagogues throughout the area, and were greeted warmly by residents. This is the third year in a row the group has taken this activity upon itself, and this year's was the largest contingent ever.

Commenting on the operation, Jewish Home MK Zevulun Khalfa said that “there is no time like Simchat Torah to show and to see the great unity of the Jewish people, and their love of the Torah. We congratulate the young leadership, who work without recognition or reward, to accomplish their goal.”