UN Envoy Meets Hezbollah Terror Leader

Israel asked UN to disarm Hezbollah after attack on border last week - instead, UN envoy and coordinator chat with deputy chief.

Ari Yashar ,

Hezbollah deputy chief Sheikh Naim Qassem
Hezbollah deputy chief Sheikh Naim Qassem

Israel last Wednesday asked the UN to demand the disarmament of the Iran-proxy Hezbollah terror organization in Lebanon a day after it wounded IDF soldiers with two explosives set on the border - instead, this Thursday the UN sent an envoy to chat with the terror group's deputy leader.

UN special envoy to Syria Staffan de Mistura was accompanied by UN special coordinator for Lebanon Derek Plumbly on Thursday as he met Lebanese Prime Minister Tammam Salam and Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil, reports the Lebanese The Daily Star.

The two then met with Sheikh Naim Qassem, second-in-command behind Hassan Nasrallah of the terror organization that has pledged to destroy Israel and launched numerous attacks to do so.

Making the meeting the more astonishing is the fact that Hezbollah's "military wing" was added to the European Union's (EU) official terror list last July.

After meeting Qassem in his Beirut office, de Mistura said his visit to the terror group was part of consultations with all parties to find a "political solution" to problems in the Middle East, particularly the internecine bloodshed in Syria where Hezbollah is helping to prop up President Bashar Assad's regime.

The UN envoy said his viewpoint was identical with the terror group that a Syrian solution should be political - despite the fact that the group has been sending thousands of troops and is actively engaged in the bloody fighting.

"It has been confirmed that a political solution will save Syria and its people. Everyone must expect painful concessions in this respect. But it is the only solution at hand. There is no other solution," said Qassem.

De Mistura also called for political unity in Lebanon while meeting with the terror group, saying "the Lebanese political environment should be stabilizing the sooner and the better."

Israel, "enemy of humanity"?

Meanwhile the Hezbollah deputy in May called Israel the "main enemy," adding "Israel is the enemy of humanity and truth. It cannot coexist with anyone," and promoting violent terrorism instead of political dialogue with the Jewish state. After claiming the attack last week, Qassem said his terror group is ready to fight Israel.

The meeting comes as Hezbollah is expanding its influence, holding a clandestine meeting on Wednesday in Beirut with a senior Hamas official and vowing strong ties with the group.

For the UN's part, the meeting comes amid a recent upsurge in anti-Israel rhetoric, with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon slamming "settlement activity" on Monday in Ramallah despite Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's covert building freeze against Jews.

Ban also called for a return to peace talks on Tuesday while receiving an IDF tour of Hamas terror tunnels - even though Hamas has already restarted construction on the terror tunnels, and bragged that the IDF didn't destroy all of the tunnels, an assessment this week backed by an IDF commander.

Regardless of that, and the fact that humanitarian materials were siphoned by Hamas to build the tunnels in the first place, Israel began transporting more construction materials into Gaza on Tuesday as a "humanitarian gesture," including 600 tons of cement, 50 truckloads of aggregate and 10 truckloads of steel.