'Stop Light Rail Service in Arab Neighborhoods'

Former Jerusalem District Police Cmdr. says Jerusalem's 'silent intifada' could be quelled by shuttering flashpoint public transport sites.

Uzi Baruch ,

Destroyed Light Rail station in Jerusalem
Destroyed Light Rail station in Jerusalem
Light Rail Spokesperson

The Jerusalem Light Rail should not go through Arab neighborhoods, a former Jerusalem District Police Commander claimed Friday - after multiple incidents with the system have led to an influx in intracity terror. 

"I wish there was someone on the Israeli police that would make a decisive move regarding this," Commander (ret.) Aryeh Amit stated to Arutz Sheva on Sunday.

Amit noted that there has been an escalation in incidents of Molotov cocktail attacks and rock throwing near Arab light rail stops, which include stops in Shuafat, Beit Hanina, and Ras-Al-Amud. 

Indeed, an additional rock-throwing incident was recorded Sunday morning with a rock hurled at the train near Shuafat, adding further damage to one of the windows - after another incident on Saturday night that left three wounded. 

Violence in Jerusalem has been snowballing, with the "silent intifada" that broke out after the "revenge killing" of Arab teen Mohammed Abu-Khdeir by a mentally unwell man in July after the abduction and murder of three Israeli teens resulting in a constant cycle of violent Arab rioting. 

The Light Rail has been a prime target for violence. Since the rioting began in July, between 100-150 incidents involving the rail have been recorded, it was revealed earlier this week - with the number of incidents averaging, at times, three per hour. 

Forty percent of all trains have been damaged in attacks; the financial damage of the last several months is estimated to cost no less than half a million NIS (around $134,000).

And that damage may not include the cost of repairing entire stations, after violent Arab rioters destroyed three light rail stops, inflicting enormous financial damage to the system.