MP: Palestinian Recognition a Slippery Slope

French MP Meir Habib blasts 'weakness' of EU against Islamism, warns unilateral recognition of 'Palestine' gives victory to Islamism.

Uzi Baruch, Tova Dvorin ,

מאיר חביב
מאיר חביב

French MP Meir Habib fired at the "weakness" of Paris on Wednesday, after French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius stated to international media that "there will be a need for recognition of the Palestinian state, that goes without saying." 

"France has refused to open its eyes out of weakness," Habib stated. "Instead of fighting jihad and delivering a strong message to terrorists, it draws the finger of blame and points it at the only country really fighting against terrorism."

"Since its establishment, the State of Israel has been trying to reach an agreement and not once was it unwilling to make painful concessions in favor of peace," Habib continued. "On the other hand, the Palestinians refuse to recognize Israel's right to exist."

Habib skewered Paris over its stance during Operation Protective Edge in Gaza, as well. 

"Last summer, Israel fought against Hamas, a terrorist organization that continuously fired rockets on innocent civilians," he explained, noting Hamas is "an organization whose principles are identical to the principles of Islamic State (ISIS - ed.)."  

"Yet still we have not heard any official statement from Europe regarding the demilitarization of Gaza," he fired. 

This apathy is a concrete factor in the current radicalization of French and European Muslims - a radicalization which strengthens ISIS, he said. 

"It's time to wake up and realize: This is not a battle for territory but a religious war that affects the whole world, especially Europe," Habib declared. "Hundreds of French people have left the country in order to fight in Syria. Unfortunately in France there are more and more Muslims who sympathize with radical Islam." 

"Europe in general and France in particular refuse to recognize reality and think that through the recognition of a Palestinian state, the conflict will end," he continued. "When will you wake up? For the free world to be united in recognition of a Palestinian state without negotiations between both sides at this time would be a serious mistake for which Europe will pay dearly." 

Habib's criticism follows London's vote earlier this week to recognize "Palestine," which is non-binding but could have potential implications diplomatically and politically. 

At least one thousand people have left France to join ISIS, intelligence officials revealed this week - including a handful of Jews.