Shocking Anti-Mikveh Video Provokes Anger

Organization that promotes civil and gay union shocks many with a film that shows a woman being drowned in the mikveh.

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Gil Ronen ,

A "balanit" mikveh attendant in Hod Hasharon,
A "balanit" mikveh attendant in Hod Hasharon,
Flash 90

"New Family," an organization that promotes civil unions, gay "marriage" and adoption, single-mother families, sperm donations and other halakhically (Jewish legal) problematic endeavors in the realm of family, has taken down a controversial Facebook video against women's ritual immersion in mikveh pools, reported Channel 2.

The video that provoked intensely negative reactions showed a woman being drowned in the mikveh by the female mikveh attendant, or balanit.

The video begins with a bride-to-be waiting for the balanit and speaking on the phone, saying “I hope the water is clean, at least. You never know who was here before.”

The balanit then brusquely puts her hand on the woman's shoulder, alarming her and cutting the call short. She leads the woman to the mikveh. When the woman says that she is ashamed to undress, the balanit reacts by prodding her to hurry up and enter the water.

After the bride-to-be recites a blessing, the balanit pushes her head into the water and the woman is seen apparently drowning, as she struggles in vain to reach the surface for air.

The narrator then explains to female viewers that they "do not have to go through the rabbinical courts in order to be happy," in a phrase that employs a double entendre: the word "meusheret," or "happy," in Hebrew, also means "to receive formal approval."

Numerous responses on Facebook called the video anti-Semitic and compared it to Nazi-style incitement against Judaism. The video was taken down, but a shorter version, without the drowning sequence, appears on at least one video hosting site.

New Family did not respond to an Arutz Sheva request to respond to the controversy; Channel 2 reported that New Family preferred not to respond to their report about the video as well.